If no one has come across you as an arrogant person, it is most likely that you have not discovered and begun to stabilize the uniqueness of your personality. That may sound rather controversial, but it is a fact. One of the blessings of self-discovery and development is that it helps you to understand the uniqueness of your personality and hold them to high esteem.

When I began my journey of self-discovery, a lot of people came across me as a very arrogant person; a lot of ignorant persons still do. The reason is not farfetched; I have discovered the uniqueness of my personality and proceeded to stabilize them against what anyone has to say. During these years, one of the things I learned was what I called “Abuse of Humility” in my book “The Image of God.”
The entire world knows that arrogance leads to people’s downfall, but it seems no one understands that abuse of humility reduces people to mediocre and prevents them from rising to the top. With this ignorance in place, it was no sur…


I was a High school Lass’ worst mistake and punishment of a brilliant student’s inability to control his erection. However, I was meant to come. When I was growing up, despite situations surrounding my birth, I always felt I was special, but I could not tell what made me special; despite I was not treated special among other children.
I did not get the privilege most children got; according to the story told, I was that toddler always left in the farm with yam in his hands, to play and eat sand if possible. In the process, I fell and broke my leg; this meant that when other kids were going to school, I was going to remain at home with my great grandmother back then in Ilorin where I was born.
I started schooling at age 6; from primary one. That was the beginning of something new, as I always came first in my class, much so that I was nicknamed “first position”. I was made the head boy when I got to primary six, but still, I hadn’t discovered what made me special.
Unlike my primary scho…


How We Became Narcissists is a self-help book written to help identify and live with Narcissists without issues. It contains strategies for overcoming all forms of narcissism, an intimate enemy from which many people suffer. Narcissism is considered to be one of the most dangerous personality disorders from which the majority of people suffer without knowing it. It usually affects people’s relationships and prevents them from becoming successful.
Narcissism induces its victims’ need to bolster their self-esteem through grandiose fantasy, exaggerated ambition, exhibitionism, feelings of entitlement and make them hard to deal with. They have no problem manipulating, cheating, disregarding rules, or disobeying the needs and wants of others as long as it's in the service of their own pursuit of glory or reassurance, as the case may be.According to the author, self-discovery and development can never be completed without an individual passing a satisfactory test on narcissism, because …


Single & Smart Lady is a book specially designed for the purpose of exposing to young and single African women the intimate secrets by which they can create for themselves, a classy, marketable and well respected personal branding that will earn them respect from both men and fellow women as well, without becoming desperate or commit social blunders that could ruin their love lives, spiritual lives and careers.
It contains the strategies by which any young and unmarried woman can earn the reputation of lady; woman of higher class and of authority, without having to commit certain self-destructive blunders. The secrets in this book also put in possession of any single woman the strategies by which she can attract and retain the right man for herself regardless of her dirty past.
What You Gain by Buying a Copy of it. 1.Secrets of carry yourself in manners that earn admiration & respect. 2.Strategies for reading rape signs & avoid becoming a victim. 3.Strategies for avoiding ritu…


Single & Smart Man is a special book that contains the intimate secrets of how young & unmarried men can live fulfilled & fruitful single lives. It contains secrets on how to create for themselves, a classy, marketable and a near perfect personal branding that will earn them respect from both men and fellow women as well as earn them an resistible carriage, without becoming desperate, appearing like sex-mongers or committing social blunders that could ruin their love lives, spiritual lives and careers.
It teaches the strategies by which any young and single man can effortlessly earn the reputation of a gentleman; an irresistible, classy man of authority, without any struggle to prove a point or appear foolish to the female folks. It contains also, the deep secrets by which any man, regardless of his background or level of education can stand gain enough confidence to approach the woman he loves, no matter how rich and classy she may appear to be. It is a book that every unm…

Why Ladies between Ages 16 and 18 Should Not Be involved in Intimate Relationship

The destruction of the love life of many grown women today, some of who are now single mothers and are unable to attract the right partner began from ages 16 to 19 and even 20. The majority of women go into relationship at this age without knowing exactly what they want, that is not all; they do not even know what intimate relationship entails.
I have carried out an extensive research on this by observing and talking to tens of young women between ages 16 and 20 who are in intimate relationship already, within a period of two years and have found out that all of them do not know what they want from such relationship.
Majority of them got involved because they do not want to be lonely, some fell for the pressure from men, due to their inability to say no, and the a larger number of them do so, because they just want to feel belonged and loved. They literally do not just want to be lonely.
I once wrote that women must be mentally ready for intimate relationship from age 16, this is true,…

Social Blunders Women Make That That Prevents Them From Getting Married

When a woman is approaching 30 years of age, it begins to occur to her, especially when she’s done with school and has gotten a job that marriage is the next on the agenda. Pressure begins to mount on her and people begin to remind her women have a very short time.
However, many women in their prime, who should by all standards attract the man of their choice, are making serious blunders which chase good men away from them and attract to them gold diggers and sex mongers.
Sometimes ago, one of my clients who was well past 32 years of age complained about how she lost 6 relationships within a short period of time after she had sex with them, and how none of them was her fault. I listened to her and after her discussion, I told her to give me her username on every social media handles she’s on.
After going through her posts, I knew exactly the reason why these men come and after a few sex they leave. So many women keep making such social blunders, and the worst is that they attract more l…


Generally speaking, the prime of any woman is between ages 16 and 28. It is a time when they are superstars, and if they carry themselves well within this age range, they will attract an average of two serious wooers weekly.
If any lady within this age range stays a month without a serious wooer, then she must know she has a lot of problems. Moreover, if any woman gets past this age range without attracting a life partner, it will be more difficult in subsequent ages to do so.
Unfortunately, it is in this same age range that most women waste away, thinking they have all the time to waste and still gain it back. There are two major problems that intelligent and classy ladies within this age range battle with, they are: 1.Unavailability 2.Inaccessibility
Unavailability: the majority of ladies though with good manners and well-developed selves are unfortunately unavailable. At an age when they should be available to locate the right men, they are still being monitored by their parents. They…


Recently, one of the young men around me observed that my Facebook likes and comments decreased. He asked "Tolu e b like say you don dey unblow" (It is like you are becoming unpopular). He continued saying that he observed that my likes and comments on Facebook has reduced from what used to be 200 down to 5 to 15.
I smiled and told him it is not a problem. It is definitely not. I still know how to get likes if I want many of them, but the truth is that at the level I am now, likes and comments are not what I desire.
This is the irony of the whole thing. When I got more likes and comments, I was less productive; I exhausted more energy and creativity and got little or nothing in return.
But, since I changed my focus, everything else changed. I got lesser likes and comments, I exhaust lesser energy and creativity, but I am now more productive and got more in return, even in terms of cash.
Something changed, what is it? I discovered my purpose for writing and branded myself in th…


The just concluded session of Science of Self-Discovery And development #SOSADM, no doubt, changed my perspective about women, because all that registered are women. It will be a sacrilege, if I refuse to tell the world about this.
Even when there was a promotion for five people to participate without pay, out of about 12 people that showed interest, only five of them are males, out of them, only three made it to the class and two of them graduated.
As it stands, we have 8 graduating students, out of which six are females. This signifies, beyond any reasonable room for doubt, that more women are interested in self-development than men, hereby dispelling my ill-thought assumption that women are not interested in self-development.
It occurs to me now that to be a man is overrated in this society. Most of us do not do our jobs, and we put too many loads on women, most times blaming them for what we should do. We have failed!
What is perceived as failure of women is a result of men’s failur…